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Colorlight T9 sending card
Product name: Colorlight T9 sending card
Product no.: Colorlight T9 sending card
Type:Led card (sync. & async.)
Product spec.: Colorlight T9 sending card

Colorlight T9 sending card


Brief Introduction

Synchronize LED controller do not need seeding cards. it can greatly enhance performance. And it is used in full-color and Dual-color display. It sends data via a computer network card, intellectualized settings, and it can compatible with a variety of display, easy to operate, stable and reliable. Software can support a variety of special-shaped displays throught settings, a significant reduction less control system costs while greatly increasing usability and maintainability. Independent core technology, a single network cable can contain 1600x1200 pixels. Without hardware changes, you can continue to get our company's new technology by updating the PC-Software. It can greatly enhance display effect fully. Such as correction point-by-point.


CLT T9-LED Synchronous Control System Main Feature


CLT T9-LED synchronous control system no sending cards, CAT-5 can complete all signal transmission.   

Computer configuration         

Gigabit LAN

Control area   

Read directly from the memory and nothing to do with graphics

card as well as control area, the display control area can be expanded easily, a cable and a computer can control long, ultra-high screen. Players can bring the biggest video contains 2048 *2048 pixels; greatest player image and text can be contained with 64,000 * 2048 pixels, easily control hundreds of square meters of the big screen.


Connecting cable, running to complete all operations by LEDshowT9

Refresh rates

020,000Hz Automatically calculation

PLL frequency

No signal from the graphic card, the cards are not restricted to any automatic adjustments


Each receiving card in 4096 gray, 200 Hz refresh rate, the maximum control 640 * 256 pixels; through a variety of specifications module test, control area than the conventional system has more than 20 per cent increase

Gray adjustment

No gray to 65,536 gray arbitrary adjustments to the default 4096

Multi-screen simultaneously

Multi -screen work can be any combination of state, switching, and software testing its own display connections. A key link easily determine the order that connection location.


Graphics card has not been dealt with, can be 1073741824 kind of color or color more easily showed.

Program  setup 

Divided into LED screen, the page program, programs and programs four-story window, the logic clear, simple, fast and right-Toolbar easy operation, and can directly import word and excel documents.


Simple structure, greatly enhanced stability




Update this PC-software can realize the whole system upgrades and expansion of properties to ensure that customers buy the LED display and always maintain the first machine technology to ensure that the best effect.

Optional accessories:

  brightness sensor module

  humidity sensor module

  temperature sensor module

  brightness, temperature and humidity sensors three-in-one module

  DVD and television module to accept

  key lock system


Colorlight T9 sending card


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